If i do manually i first make a directorie i.e for 3.80 then i copy *.psf and fdf file there open the fdf file and change lattice constant to 3.80 and the execute file with siesta and note the total energy. I don't know how can I solve it, Thanks a lot if you answer my question, Anthony, (impossible to use Greater_than and Less_than caracters), I meant, use the following: The loop continues and moves to the next iteration but the commands after the continue statements are skipped in that partcular iteration. do () Matches zero or one occurrence of the given patterns You are a ‘help troll’.. You posted in the wrong section. # touch “file with spaces in name” I do not know bash that well as C++ and it is not helping because the char.. are diff…. 1. The reason why the external seq is faster, is because it is executed only once, and returns a huge splurb of space separated integers which need no further processing, apart from the for loop advancing to the next one for the variable substitution. echo — bash idiom — # but this, where we substitute a semi-colon for the blank line(s) above, doesn't: Translations, documentation, searching bugs, helping others, sharing expiriences, …. following this topic, Ooops – ;-) Typos ? fi do column wise. # # The infinite Loop. activerecord-sqlserver-adapter (2.3.4) 3) but beware: you can specify different padding on both arguments, but only the _longuest_ will be used ! Read again about variable expansion. Thanks Vivek – But I am afraid I do not get it right – what does “pre” mean ? I want to write a shell script For loops are often the most popular choice when it comes to iterating over array elements. Is there a way to force the first variant, regardless of the language settings? is here Iteration can be done with this syntax … echo "Field is :${field}:" # just for explanation to prevent this. I tested it with this ssh version (a shell-builtin only ‘ls’ of the remote account). Example-2: Iterating a string variable using for loop. doc is: You need to remove white space between 1 and 15, try: I gave some ‘seq’ alternatives, some simple, some more complex, mostly using shell built-ins only, depending on you needs. Read Enabled For example, you can easily create the 3x10.sh script with an until loop instead of a while loop; the trick here is to negate the test condition: Notice that the negation of the test condition [ $num -le 10 ]; is [ $num -gt 10 ]; Now that you are familiar with the loops in the bash scripts. 2) Spot on. #!/bin/bash In general, my problem is that I can’t figure out how to get the protein ID numbers from the output file (ex. Node CvfsDisk_sdd 0, [StripeGroup datafiles3] ! file_name.003.01… etc, How can I change the names of the files to remove the ‘.01’ at the end of each filename? for old in * ; do mv ${old} ${old}.new; done. Welcome 1 times If you want to use anyname with the script, replace: After a `do’, the shell awaits more input, just like after an opening quote character. Something like what one could/would expect from “for i in {$a..$b}”, but something that actually works of course. The for loop is a little bit different from other programming languages. and BASH is not available on all systems either. Normally it will be in 60 – 80 range. Did you ever try to contribute to any man pages ? 1. create a html file with the header, opening body tags etc. Metadata Yes you would just enter file then the number of atrributes to build. done Hi, I’m a beginner and I was writing a very simple script : #!/bin/sh Required fields are marked *, {{#message}}{{{message}}}{{/message}}{{^message}}Your submission failed. 2. it printed welcome {1..5} times instead repeating it…. You are better off either using the old while-expr method for computer compatiblity! Then you might want to consider using [ nullglob ] shell extension, ./for3: 1: ./for3: Syntax error: Bad for loop variable, Check you have given the right interpretor at the top of the script. Learn the syntax for bash: The syntax of bash to loop through lines. This script make backup of all file names specified on command line. it is the repetition of a process within a bash script. Associative array are a bit newer, having arrived with the version of Bash 4.0. do do If you did not have it and the remote accoutn used tcsh or zsh, you will have problems. 1 2 3 4 … int main() { The example you gave is weird regarding shell variable usage: It works, but I thought it should not work! Hey I hope you can help me here. for x in {0001..10} ; do echo “padding :$x:”; done. em1 is the NIC Ethernet port (primary) and only port used too. These are diversified /24 subnets. botom line, the internal one has more overhead, the “seq” version is equivalent to either having 1000000 integers inside the script (hard coded), or reading once from a text file with 1000000 integers with a cat. done echo $ip is down, Lucky You! ;), +1 for printf due to portability, but you can use bashy .. syntax too. All the examples are explained well, thanks Vivek. logger “WARN: Classpath will contain multiple files named ${jar}” Mainly, it will fail because there will not be variable expansion $i_file.log should be ${i}_file.log PS: the reason for the ‘sh -c …’ is beause you may nto have control of the login shell of the remote account. File 1: file 2 ~ netmask Do you know why this doesn’t output anything? #include for such questions, go and see Forum. I wrote the following files: builtin_count.sh: What is it for? The following example shows some simple array usage (note the "[index]=value" assignment to assign a specific index): However, it contains the knowledge to explain why a for loop using `seq’, one using brace expansion and one using builtin arithmetics have the performance relations they actually show when you execute them. I don’t guess you’d know a faster trick, would you? while excute the above program the below errors comes please check revert, hi Welcome 5 times Your [for] loop works fine, so this is not a point to be discussed here, Your [if] test is buggy – not to be discussed here but there http://nixcraft.com/, please send me the full URL to post the error i got, You can go where I already offered you => http://nixcraft.com/. 4-6. same as 1-3, but for .gif instead of .jpg, i tried the last example but i seen dint work. Point being that it gets executed only once and becomes static.